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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for my neighborhood outreach. we are keeping the name the same come this jury staff the same, the bartender's the same. i really stepping in to replace sean's role. i have been a fan of this neighborhood anbar from the second that i opened this restaurant. i loved it when i went to college here. it has always been a dream of mine to start a small business. when this opportunity came before me, it was a perfect fit. i have a ton of respect for it. i have listened to the group for suggestions that they have to help keep the character. >> commissioners, questions.
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>> seeing none, >> i had a question. one thing that came to me is that you live right above the establishment. >> yes. in one part of the application, it shows in your address is 173 summer. >> that is my current address. i purchase the building as well as the business so was the final closing, i will become a tenant in the back. courts would you call the police if there are problems downstairs -- >> will you call the police if there are problems downstairs? >> [laughter] i have made myself available to the leaders of the neighborhood. we have been in contact and i have participated in their meetings.
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i have made myself available should they want to answer questions. a few of them have contacted me and we have worked a little bit to try to participate in the lower haight art walk. >> i just want to say that san francisco will suffer a gray loss with mr. soprano of in back to the east coast the. i am sorry to see you go. as a former new yorker, you had better keep in touch. >> any other commissioners? ok, we'll see if there's any public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to address this application? seeing none, it is in the hands of the commission. >> can i have a motion? >> i move that the application be approved and including i suppose all the conditions set forth by the captain.
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>> a second. >> second. >> please call the roll. >> ok. good luck. i'm sure that it will help improvement to the neighborhood. >> thank you very much for your time. >> moving on, item six. commissioners comments and questions. >> i just wanted to take a minute to think a few people for being able to be here on this side of the partition tonight. i look forward to working with all of you. thank you for doing the of reach the day after i got passed through because that meant a lot. i appreciate it. it made me feel more secure.
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i wanted to think -- and everyone who works with him for all the help that they did. also the supervisors, i was passed in an 11-0 vote. i hope to do him proud and i would like to thank him for all of his art work and i hope to continue. i look forward to working with all of you. >> ok. item number seven, new business request. seeing none -- >> joslyn, have we completely abandoned the annual party?
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that is the big question. >> the annual party for the end of the year or the birthday party? >> the birthday party. >> the birthday party. >> no, i don't think that we have abandoned it. >> what about the elections? >> the commission decided to take it that we will calendar. >> hello. welcome to "culturewire." we are here today with bay area
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artist jody chanel, and we are here to see the plaza where your piece has just been installed. >> i have been doing large-scale paintings in the galleries and museums, and the idea that in the future, i could do something that would hang out a little bit longer than the duration of the installation the kind of appeal to me. i quickly found out about the san francisco arts commission school and realized there was a pre-qualified school you had to apply to, so i applied to the. >> how long did it take you to develop this work for the plaza? >> this was a fast track project. design development was about a month. >> let's look at the beautiful mural. i have never seen a mural
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created on asphalt. >> the heat of the asphalt, a new layer of asphalt. then, these wire rope templates that were fabricated for the line work get laid down and literally stamped into the asphalt, and then everything was hand-painted. >> maybe you could talk about some of the symbolism, maybe starting in the middle and working out. >> [inaudible] the flower of industry. >> it is like a compass. there's an arrow pointing north. >> within the great bear consolation, there are two pointed stars here. they typically lead one to the northstar, otherwise known as polaris. so i thought it has a layer of theme.
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>> let's talk about some of the other elements in the peace. we are walking along, and there is a weather vane. there's a sweet little bird hanging on the side. what kind of bird is that? >> [inaudible] the smallest of the gulf species, and it lives around the bay area. >> you want to talk about the types of flour patterns that you send? >> [inaudible] around 1926 or so by the dahlia society. >> what is this bird here? >> that is the california quail. >> coming up here, we had a little blustery theme. what is this area here? >> this is supposed to be the side view, the expense of the golden gate bridge. >> there it is. >> there are really beautiful
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elements of architecture still around, i would say that it gives that feeling over to the work. >> what are your hopes for it? >> that in a way it just becomes part of the area. i think it is starting to have that feeling. people utilize it. they sit and, and have their lunch and play on -- they sit and, and have their lunch and play on that -- they sit and come and have their lunch and play on it. just for it to be part of the neighborhood. that is my hope. >> is such a beautiful addition to our public art in san francisco. thank you for joining us. it was nice to meet you. and thank you for telling us about your beautiful mural. thanks for watching "culturewire."
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i'll get that one. must be caful. ll, that a nice piure. come on, anna. ok. anuncer:orecsure doest affect jusyou. it aects your wle famy, too. if you've fallen behind on your mortgage, we can help. call 1-888-9op cause noing isorsethan dng . supervisor chu: hello, welcome
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to a special meeting of the budget and finance committee. mr. young, do we have any announcements today? >> please turn off all cell phones. if you wish to submit comments, please provide your card to myself. supervisor chu: thank you for might -- thank you very much. please call item no. 1. >> item #one. ordinance amending the san francisco business and tax regulations code by adding article 16-a to provide funds for public safety programs and services to children and senior citizens in the city and county of san francisco by imposing a transactions -- sales -- and use tax at the rate of one-half of one percent -- 0.50% -- for a period of ten years, to be administered by the state board of equalization in accordance with parts 1.6 and 1.7 of division 2 of the california revenue and taxation code -- adopting an expenditure plan --
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amending the administrative code by adding section 10.100.321 establishing a special revenue fund -- and directing submission of the tax for voter approval at the november 8, 2011, municipal election. supervisor chu: thank you very much. this item came before us at the last meeting on wednesday. we had to continue the item to allow for public comment today. before we do that, with two like to add any comments? >> thank you very much, madame chair. thank you for adjusting the schedule to accommodate the amendments. this discussion has emerged as a part of the strategy adopted by
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the city to bring the budget back into long-term financial stability over the next five years [laughter] [applause] -- over the next five years. in combination with the state sales tax reduction, through the end of our five-year financial plan it will be assured not to exceed the level that it was prior to july 1. under no commission, even if the state recomposes the sales tax, will the sales rate climbed to where it has been for the last several years. those amendments are to provide that stability and predictability about the tax rate for that period of time over financial planning. i am happy to answer questions,
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if you have any. supervisor chu: to be clear, this is a sales tax that coincides with state options going through the five-year financial plan. a stopgap measure not to exceed 9.5%, which was the previous sales tax rate, correct? >> correct. supervisor chu: this does have a 10 year verizon? >> correct. the state has allowed one person's sales tax to expire and this would replace half of that. supervisor chu: thank you. are there any additional comments to make? last week we heard from the
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comptroller of the economic impact of the comptroller as well. any members of the public that wish to speak? seeing no one, public comment is closed. colleagues? supervisor mirkarimi: i propose that we advance this recommendation. supervisor chu: we can do that without objection. mr. young, do we have any other items? >> [inaudible] supervisor chu: thank you, we are adjourned.
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>> good afternoon. thank you so much for being here. it is really an honor to work with the department of environment on the san francisco home improvement program. we hope it becomes they hit this program in the city. we really are here to talk about the financial, as well as the environmental benefits of going green. in san francisco, as well as across the country, what we forget is often our home and the real estate that we own is normally the most valuable piece of wealth that we have in our family. but we also for get that real-
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estate and buildings also have some of the largest carbon footprint in san francisco, as well as across the country single-family homes are almost 22% of the carbon footprint. in my understanding, we have actually been miscounting the carbon footprint, and we actually undervalued the carbon footprint of real estate in those homes. we're here today to talk about how you can go green with doing some very simple things. some improvement items did you can get a rebate of up to $7,000 just by putting in new water heaters, and doing ventilation, and we have margaret here, who is a homeowner and a contractor, just to tell you really how easy it is. it is so important when we're looking at our home. our home is one of the most valuable things we have to continue to invest in. many of these minor investments will make huge returns on
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investment and a huge savings down the road. on average -- most of you know that i am a huge solar advocate and i have solar panels on my home. the return on solar is even more than the return on energy efficiency. energy efficiency often times will return your investment in three years. it is so fast and so easy. we're really here to encourage energy improvement. we want you to be part of this. we did in the assessor's office, we have an annual noticed of the best evaluation that went out to every single property owner in the city and the county. over two hundred thousand letters, and each of them got a brochure. there is a copy of the brochure that we mailed out with this wonderful family here, talking about how you can get $7,000 in rebates just by participating in this, just by going ahead and working with solar city and
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being a part of this. is it is so important that we take the first step that we can take to become greener in our own lives, because we forget how big an impact just our small little, as on the environment when you add it up with all the people in san francisco. i am honored to be joined by the director of the department. she is going to walk you through the program and talk about the great things they are doing. >> before i talk about the program, i really wanted to thank phil for is leadership on these issues. he has been a champion for solar in san francisco as well as for energy efficiency. we are excited to have partnered with the assessor's office to get this information to homeowners in san francisco. my name is melanie, the director of the san francisco department of the environment. in an effort to help our city's homeowners afford energy efficiency in their homes, my department has partnered with
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energy of great california to develop the san francisco home improvement and performance program. this is a program that does offer financial incentives of up to $7,000 for san francisco homeowners, which is an exce looking to do energy efficiency in their homes. as you all know, making home energy improvements will all to save money on electricity bills, as well as gas bills. doing energy efficiency of grades in a home also makes comes more comfortable as well as more healthy. ultimately, as he said, if you do energy efficiency upgrades in your home, it does increase the value of your home. the first up in terms of participating in the sf hip program is to call one of our specially trained contractors who can come out to do an energy assessment, to basically look at what some of the measures are that you could do in your home
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to see these types of energy savings. this is an apparent factor in the program, because the more energy that you say, the more money that you can receive, up to $7,000. it is here with the percentage of energy that you can save, connected to the rebate that you can get. some of the projects that contribute to energy efficiency that could be part of your home energy upgrade includes adding insulation, air sealing around windows, walls and crawlspaces, upgrading or installing high efficiency heating and cooling systems, as well as a grading a water heater or a boiler. i did want to urge homeowners to take a vintage of these savings now. we're offering up to $7,000 in rebates for energy efficiency. after august 21, it will go down by about $1,000, so there really is reasons to participate in the next five weeks. ultimately, by helping
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homeowners make these upgrades, we're working together with the assessor reporters office to ensure that we can meet our carbon reduction goals here in san francisco. we are working to reduce their carbon emissions in the city by 20% below 1990 levels by the end of next year. that is one of the reasons to put together this program, to aggressively how to do energy efficiency in homes throughout san francisco. ultimately, this program, sf hip is a great example of our commitment to visionary and burn the to programs that help to promote social equity, to protect human health, and to leave their way towards a sustainable future. we're working very hard -- we have more direct -- very hard to get where we are, but to set our goals, we need to keep pushing the envelopes thef hip -- we need to continue pushing the envelope. sf hip will help us to do that. thank you. >> thank you. my name is margaret wilson. i have been a resident of san
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francisco for eight years. my husband and i bought a house. we did it with my daughter and her husband, and we share an old victorian with my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and their three children. since we bought the house, we have had a lot of maintenance just to repair damage and stuff. but we have been also very conscientiously trying to do environmental upgrades. and we had been a solar city customer. we put solar on our house two years ago and were able to do so with almost no out-of-pocket expense. and we have seen, you know, basically not a reduction in our energy bill, but flat on our energy bill, and we know that is
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from solar. so when i received a flier from solar city that announced the energy audits, i talked to my daughter and we decided that we would go and do that right away. so we replied and a requested the energy audit. we had a team of solar city people come into our house and go through the whole house, through the heating, you know, the windows, the drafting, how we used heating and stuff like that. and as a result of that audit, they designed a program for us that included ceiling cracks and weather stripping, reducing its draft from a fireplace by putting something in to block the draft. replacing in 1950's vintage
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heater that i had been told in the past was about 50% effective. they replaced it with a new height efficiency furnace, and in doing that, it also had the asbestos removed from the house. i was delighted to get rid of the asbestos, too. that heating system also allows us to better modulate the temperature in the house because it is a multi-story house. it is very hard to keep both floors comfortable. but the system that puts in allows us to better modulate the temperature and keep the house comfortable. also, as part of the energy audit, they identified a very hazardous situation we had with an old stove that is leading carbon monoxide. we planned on replacing dead in the future, but we have now
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budgeted to do an immediate replacement of that stove, so they identified a very hazardous situation, and we now have the opportunity to correct that. so i have been very thrilled with the work that solar city did. they also completed the work in a timely manner. the people were very pleasant but there was absolutely no mess left. i am delighted in the looking forward to our energy savings. so thank you. >> i will just say a few words about how solar city. it is one of the leading full- service solar energy efficiency and now electrical vehicle charging providers in the united states, and we're delighted to be working with s the environment and energy agreed california, providing homeowners with incentives to make it easier for them to make energy efficiency and upgrades to their home. we have about 2000 energy efficiency customers in the u.s. and 15,000 solar projects completed are underway -- or
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under way. i think margaret wilson as a prime example of a homeowner who has seen comfort and health benefits, in addition to environmental and monetary savings. d want to tell us about some of the rebates from the program? >> absolutely. in addition to the san francisco home improvement program, there's a program called the energy agreed california program, and it is designed to help all want -- homeowners make energy efficiency improvements to the home and offset the cost. up to four thousand dollars for pg&e utility customers available for doing things that you might want to do already, adding insulation or reducing traps in your home, replacing the water europe -- water healeheater. not only do you save energy and money and reduce your current footprint, but you'll be much more comfortable in your home. >> grade, thank you. again, in san francisco, we're actually a prime target for this
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program, because the folks who should consider this program the most are folks who are owning older homes. margaret's home was built in the 1880's. we have a lot of homes built in the 1920's and in 1930's. those homes are prime targets for this program in terms of having a leaky windows and older furnaces and water heaters, all the upgrades we would normally do. in addition to this program, we're also going to be working on a green grade. we are encouraging residents to homeowners to do a certification process through our office, where they can actually get a certification to show that their house has gone green. obviously, when people sell those homes or or refinancing those homes, we anticipate that green homes will obviously be more valuable, just like energy- efficient homes of the more valuable immediately once those improvements are made.
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let me stop there and see if you have any questions for any of us. >> when do you begin recording this information? >> i think we're looking at the next few months to do that. >> so they will have to come to the city and that you guys know about the improvements -- collect just like through commercial properties and their certification. we're looking to do something similar for san francisco. >> are other municipalities already doing this or is this considered the best practice? >> i am not aware of that. >> and not just going to be a best practice. no other questions? ok, thank you very much.


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